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Corporate Profile

ARAR CONSULTANTS (pvt.) Ltd. is a professionally managed consultancy organization focused on health management systems, health care trainings and turnkey hospital solutions. The combined strength of these professionals; ‘ARAR CONSULTANTS (pvt.) Ltd. Team’, forms the core strength of the organization. Individually, the team members are endowed with technical expertise and experience to comprehensively assimilate projects from conceptualization, execution, and operational management to the turn key project management solutions.

An unmatched distinction of the ‘ ARAR CONSULTANTS (pvt.) Ltd. Team ‘ is its combined experience of consultancy services in setting up and managing a large number of hospitals and provision of health care management system solutions. The ARAR CONSULTANTS (pvt.) Ltd. are uniquely poised to deliver advisory services in operational management for existing healthcare facilities and offer services to take on this role. The ‘ ARAR CONSULTANTS (pvt.) Ltd. Team’ ascribes to the concept of corporate governance for taking on the challenge of astute healthcare facility management.

“ARAR CONSULTANTS (pvt.) Ltd. is also supported by leading international experts and legends in the field of hospital quality management and certifications. These associations have made ARAR CONSULTANTS (PVT) LTD considerably strong and dynamic in implementation of quality standards and systems in health care organizations and prepare them for different national and international certification.”

ARAR CONSULTANTS (pvt.) Ltd. is proud to be associated with a number of reputed international consultants and consultancy organizations for drawing their legendary experience for introducing and implementing the latest trends and innovations qualitatively in the field of health care.

The medical technology is highly dynamic and keeps the world changing with its technological advancements. The needs of the consumer fluctuate for adopting new technologies. The ARAR CONSULTANTS (pvt.) Ltd. with its ongoing in-house research and quality improvement system always strive to keep polished with these technologies for providing cost effective tailor made comprehensive solutions based on latest trends in health care.