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The education of Biomedical Engineering is limited rather rare in the developing countries, ultimately the institutions establish and purchase the medical equipment but could not find the Biomedical Engineers for maintenance of the equipment. A number of oppertunities exist in this field but sufficient quantity of such engineers and technicians are not available. The educational opportunities are also rare due to lack of educated personnel in this field.

The ARAR CONSULTANTS (pvt.) Ltd. has realized this fact and engaged a group of qualified and trained engineers who have the capability for establishing the Biomedical Engineering Department at University, Medical Institution or in Technical Training Institute level.

The ARAR CONSULTANTS (pvt.) Ltd. also provides its services for establishing the Biomedical Engineering Departments in Institutions. This well trained developed department or engineer will help the institution in the following manners;

  • Technical advice.
  • Planning and Costing.
  • Preparation of technical specifications of goods.
  • Pre/ post qualification of firms.
  • Selection and procurement.
  • Installation and commissioning.
  • Training users and maintainers.
  • Maintenance and repair work.
  • Monitoring Contracts.
  • De-commissioning and disposal.
  • Managing workshop facility.
  • Managing inventory.
  • Stock control of parts, consumables etc.
  • Managing HVAC system.
  • Managing Passenger and patient lifts.
  • Managing hospital waste.
  • Implementing safety protocols.
  • Record keeping.
  • Any other related assignment.