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Conceptual Design Study

In addition to our specialty, ARAR CONSULTANTS (pvt.) Ltd. also provides a customized portfolio of pre-operational and feasibility analyses, which can be tailored to an individual client’s unique needs and budget. ARAR CONSULTANTS (pvt.) Ltd. can assist you to evaluate your project, whether it’s a concept or an operational turnaround.

ARAR CONSULTANTS (pvt.) Ltd. Feasibility Evaluation services have been expanded to include a Pre- Feasibility & conceptual Design Analysis service. This desk-level evaluation can be performed remotely, and deploys ARAR CONSULTANTS (pvt.) Ltd. expertise while stretching your project finances. In Pre- Feasibility Analysis, we evaluate a variety of financial and market segments, including:

  • Market Demographic Analysis.
  • Local and Regional Competitor Analysis.
  • Project Services Capability & Market Demand.
  • Market SWOT Analysis.
  • Medical Staff & Work Force Availability.
  • Funding & Financing Availability.
  • Regulatory Requirements.
  • Order of Financial Magnitude Assessment.

By evaluating different factors, the ARAR CONSULTANTS (pvt.) Ltd. Pre-Feasibility Analysis & Conceptual Design Study offers clients’ and partners’ a cost-effective tool to determine whether the critical factors necessary for a project’s success are present, setting a solid foundation to take maximum advantage of opportunities in their market.