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Planning & Development

ARAR CONSULTANTS (pvt.) Ltd. offer the services for Planning and developing Specifications & Cost Estimates of Equipment like Medical, Scientific, Research, Teaching, Training, Medical Furniture, Kitchen & Laundry. Other machinery and systems on current trends with futuristic approach.

Equipment schedules for all medical equipment and hospital furniture, items planned to be furnished in each room and their respective quantities. Bills of quantities and cost estimates are prepared in order to assist in the budget preparation, procurement, delivery scheduling and coordination of equipment installation.

Technical requirement sheets for all major equipment are provided in order to furnish the engineers with all technical details that may be necessary for the development of their designs.

Technical specifications are also prepared for each of equipment, indicating the approved and alternative manufacturers along with model number. ARAR CONSULTANTS (pvt.) Ltd. collaborates with major manufacturers to keep abreast of the latest technical advancements in this important field.

The ARAR CONSULTANTS (pvt.) Ltd. provides a kitchen, Medical gas pipeline systems, laundry and CSSD planning for hospitals, including load calculations, equipment recommendations, operational policies and technical requirements. ARAR CONSULTANTS (pvt.) Ltd. also helps in the preparation of Bidding Documents which is a key element of an efficient procurement.