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A health care facility spends a lot on the purchase of medical equipment, plants and machinery but due to lack of biomedical engineers and their trainings the facility is paying a huge amount of cost in following shapes;

  • Delay in repair/ maintenance.
  • High maintenance cost.
  • Lack of ownership.
  • Lack of periodic preventive maintenance.
  • Lack of proper calibration of equipment.
  • Compromise on the performance.
  • High risk to patient safety.
  • No scheduled inspections/ maintenance.
  • Diminishing of equipment life rapidly.
  • Increase of financial pressure.

An effective medical equipment, plants and machinery maintenance program consists of adequate planning, management and implementation can only be the solution for overcoming the aforesaid problems. The ARAR CONSULTANTS (pvt.) Ltd. has realized this situation and offers multiple trainings on different issue of equipment and machinery which includes;

  • Basics of Biomedical Engineering and Practice.
  • Role of Biomedical Engineering in Health Care.
  • Repair and Maintenance Essentials.
  • Periodic Preventive Maintenance Procedures & implementation.
  • Importance & procedures of Calibrations.
  • Inventory Management and Control.
  • Tailor Made Trainings as per Specific Requirement of the Client.